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Dynamic Leadership Offerings


Leadership Development

Destra offers a full range of services to assess leadership needs and to design programs, curriculum, and processes to reach development goals. These services include the application of 360° assessments, executive coaching, and delivery of customized leadership development courses.

Facilitation Skills for Leaders™

One of Destra’s foundational workshops, FSL, focuses on providing individual contributors and team leaders the facilitation tools and skills needed to accomplish work through others. This session covers essential process tools, decision-making styles, advocacy and inquiry, meeting planning, and managing group dynamics.

Forming and Leading Virtual Teams

This course focuses on the challenges faced in forming and leading virtual teams.  Included are sections on the characteristics of effective leaders and team members, how to create a sense of trust in a dispersed work environment, utilizing technology, dealing with cultural differences, and maintaining a sense of direction and team unity.

Defining Mission, Vision, and Values

Destra has a proven process for defining your Mission, which we define as your business entity's unique reason for being. This includes clarifying key customers, geography, and the value proposition. Defining and being able to clearly articulate a vision is an essential leadership skill. We help individuals and leadership teams define their ideal, unique image of the future and translate it into a compelling statement.

Leadership Alignment

A one-day facilitated session that is a vital component of any operating excellence initiative. In this session we work with the leadership team to ensure alignment on the overall deployment approach and plan, establish the importance of addressing both the technical and cultural elements of change, use Accelerating Change and Transition™ tools to clarify both the need for change and this group’s vision of the future state, discuss specific behaviors leaders must exhibit for this effort to be successful, and understand the critical success factors Destra has identified for successful implementation of any initiative.

Coaching for Excellence

A half-day session that provides leaders with the skills and tools necessary to manage and coach others.  These skills include covering the distinctions between feedback for performance management and coaching for excellence; providing feedback for good performance, poor performance, and chronic performance problems; and building proficiency with developing ownership and commitment through listening and asking good questions. We utilize the Destra Coaching Model, which has four elements:  Establish Relationship, Listen and Question, Explore Options, and Facilitate Action.

Leadership Skills for Project Managers

A two-day session focusing on specific leadership skills and tools project managers need to help ensure overall project success.  Techniques include how to fully utilize project management roles and structures, creation of a network map, influence and relationship building including creating interest-based solutions, and the three elements of virtual team leadership: Direction and Focus, Values and Principles, and Synergy and Communication.

Change Management Offerings


Accelerating Change and Transitions™

ACTFSL is a four and a half day session for individuals and leaders who wish to learn how to manage change for organizational initiatives and projects.  We cover the concepts and change management tools though the use of Destra’s proprietary Accelerating Change and Transitions™(ACT) model, which includes elements such as creating a case for change, defining your elevator speech, identifying and engaging key stakeholders, and creating a roadmap for change. We also include the essential process skills needed to facilitate the change tools and create a change management strategy. The material is covered in a highly experiential manner, so there are multiple opportunities to practice new skills.

Accelerating Change and Transitions™ Train-the-Trainer

A four and a half day intensive workshop that covers all the skills needed to deliver our change materials in the “Destra Way.”  This includes the principles of adult learning, learning styles, interactive techniques such as asking good questions and giving feedback, and ample time to review, prepare, and teach the facilitation and change modules with feedback from peers and instructors.

Accelerating Change and Transitions™ Application

This is a facilitated session for intact project and work teams who wish to apply the principles of managing change to their organizational initiative or project.  We facilitate you in the use of both the concepts and change management tools though the use of Destra’s proprietary Accelerating Change and Transitions™ (ACT) model.  The team leaves the workshop with a plan for creating change acceptance for your project, including a case of change, an elevator speech, identification of your key stakeholders, and a 30-60 day action plan.

Facilitating Change with Project Teams

This is a day and a half course focusing on the consulting skills necessary for staff to conduct an Accelerating Change and Transitions™ Application.  The skills and tools covered include the rationale for spending time and resources on creating a change management strategy, and the ability to implement the three phases of facilitating an Application session: Diagnosing and Planning, Delivery, and Follow Up.

Workforce Dynamics Assessment

Learn to use tools such as the Force Field Analysis and processes such as 1:1 and focus group interviews to help you assess what cultural elements will help and hinder your change effort and create the mitigation strategy for the hindering elements.  The assessment culminates in a report out to the relevant leadership team(s).

Operational Excellence Offerings


Process Improvement

There are four elements in our process improvement offering:

1. A half-day Briefing which covers the creation of the Charter (Project Definition, Scope, Goals, Timeframe, and Project Team) and relevant process performance data collection. 
2. One day to validate the Charter and create the Current State map utilizing the SIPOC*R framework. 
3.The third element is a day spent focusing on creating the Future State map and includes the integration of best practice ideas. 
4.There is a two-hour Follow-Up session to ensure the action items and team process is on track. 

We can either facilitate these sessions or conduct a two-day process improvement facilitation course for experienced internal staff.

Lean/Six Sigma (includes the entire suite of consulting and training)

Destra offers the full suite of courses to support these efforts, from our one-day Executive Alignment to a three-week intensive Black Belt training.  All our offerings integrate the technical, change management, and facilitation skills necessary to develop good change leaders not just skilled problem solvers.

WorkSmart (Rapid Decision-Making)

This is our accelerated problem-solving and decision-making process.  Well-developed materials exist for WorkSmart including designs for 1-3 day versions; guides for preparing for WorkSmart; instructor guides; and templates.  Destra can either help design and facilitate a WorkSmart for you, or conduct a three-day WorkSmart Design and Facilitation Clinic to develop internal capability.

ZapQuote™ (Lean Simulation)

Destra’s service-oriented simulation that closely replicates a “live” process improvement event. In this one-day session, participants become fictional members of a life insurance company seeking to dramatically improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Participants learn the essentials of how process improvement works, including the need to involve the people closest to an issue on any improvement effort, and essential Lean and Six Sigma concepts and tools including process mapping,  value analysis, eight wastes, calculating sigma, and data display tools.

Project Team Start-Up

A critical leadership skill is the ability to assemble a team around a specific purpose or goal, help them understand their task, then allow them to use their skills and accomplish the goal and meet or exceed customer expectations.  This one-day offering covers the essential team start up skills, including:

• Aligning Team Members on Goals, Customer Expectations, and Results
• Creating Operating Agreements, e.g., decision making, conflict management, and communication
• Contracting with the Project Sponsor
• Defining Work Preferences
• Establishing Project Time Frame and Milestone
• Closing the Project and Celebrating Success

Business Strategy Offerings


Strategy Development

Destra utilizes a framework to facilitate discussion and decisions on five key, high-level strategic choices for an organization’s leadership team.  The outcome of this process is a top-to-bottom strategy that clearly indicates what action is needed at multiple levels of the organization to successfully implement and realize the strategy.

Strategic Communication and Implementation

Following an assessment of the current communication environment, Destra can join its expertise to yours to develop a dynamic strategy and implementation plan. The strategy and plan will clearly identify your communication goals, target audiences, key messages, the best media and methods to use, and feedback loops for learning how messages are being received and acted upon. If desired, we can bring expertise to help you assemble a skilled internal or external team to make sure your communication goals are met.

Assessing and Aligning Organizational Initiatives

There are many elements that need to be in place to ensure the success of any organizational initiative.  The use of our Systems and Structures alignment tool allows you to assess the degree to which existing organizational structures will support or inhibit the desired change, and identify the changes that must be made to ensure sustained change

Developing Mission, Vision, and Values

Destra has a proven process for defining your Mission, which we define as your business entity's unique reason for being. This includes clarifying key customers, geography, and the value proposition. Defining and being able to clearly articulate a vision is an essential leadership skill. We help individuals and leadership teams define their ideal, unique image of the future and translate it into a compelling statement.

Facilitation of Business Critical Off-sites

Destra provides consulting services to help design off-sites or meetings on a wide variety of topics including: enabling executives and teams to agree on strategy direction and implementation planning, building more effective work teams, and addressing other critical business issues.  We use a wide array of tools, work-style preference indicators, and experiential activities to make these sessions engaging, thought-provoking, and useful.



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