Comprehensive Change Management

Destra defines change management as the intentional and systematic application of concepts and tools to ensure that the strategic changes an organization or team wants to make are successful.  Destra’s comprehensive change management model and tools focus on ensuring that the attention to the human side of change is as robust as the attention to the strategic solution.

Destra’s Accelerating Change and Transitions model is a common sense, practical methodology that enables you to create a change management plan for any size or scale of organizational transition.  Our change model includes elements such as leading the way, creating a case for change, aligning people on the project definition and goal, and building commitment among key stakeholders.

Change Management Offerings

Accelerating Change and Transitions™

Accelerating Change and Transitions™ Train-the-Trainer

Accelerating Change and Transitions™ Application

Facilitating Change with Project Teams

Workforce Dynamics Assessment