Destra's Approach to Change Management

Many business critical efforts fail to meet the high expectations set for them.  More often than not, these failures result from a lack of attention to the cultural, political, and social issues involved – the human elements of change!

As Destra we believe the strategy for managing this human element – change management – must be as rigorous as the strategy for the technical or operational changes being considered. 

In the early 90s, Destra assisted GE with the development and deployment of their change acceleration process (CAP). Grounded in that experience and enriched by more than 15 years of successful change management work, Destra’s Accelerating Change and Transitions™ model provides a best practice framework for generating acceptance and commitment.

Our model is based on the universal principles required to create sustainable change -- principles that include Leadership, Creating a Case for Change, Articulating a Clear and Compelling Goal, and Engaging with Key Stakeholders.

What differentiates our model from many others is the set of practical tools that allow change leaders and others to quickly translate ideas into action.