Financial, Retail, Consumer Services

Our work in these sectors has been as varied as the businesses. With our clients, we’ve worked on engagements ranging from strategy assessment to process redesign. Our partners and associates have assisted in the shift of a financial management’s firm from a product orientation to a market orientation, led the redesign of one bank’s call center process, and created mentoring programs for several clients. For one large banking system we not only deployed WorkSmart to help make all processes more efficient. but also built an internal cadre of associates able to conduct WorkSmart throughout the organization.


Technology and Telecommunications

Destra helped to design and lead a strategic deployment of Six Sigma, change management and Worksmart for Australia’s largest telecom. As with all of our deployments, work began with the senior management team to tightly link deployment to strategic goals and cascade from there. Key performance indicators were set and exceeded including a savings of $110M in the first year of deployment. Other representative work in this sector has included providing OD support for a new technology implementation, creating a “Forming and Leading Virtual Teams” process and implementing a set of team collaboration tools for an international computing client, assisting a senior management team in a series of of-sites to develop strategic direction vision, and values for a parent company spin-off.


Natural Resources

We have a long and rich history in Natural Resources.  We have helped several international mining and mining-related companies with strategic Lean Six Sigma deployment.  For one of the world’s largest minerals companies we trained over 100 black belts and helped them realize over $50M saving in the first two years of deployment. Realizing that change is a necessary part of achieving sustainable project results, many of these companies have opted to grow their change management competency using our Accelerating Change and Transitions workshops as an integral part of deployment. In almost every case, we have also helped to build a strong internal team of trainers and change agents.


Healthcare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

We have worked with many healthcare clients on Lean Six Sigma and Change Management transformation efforts designed to deliver more patient and quality-oriented healthcare and lessen the impact of rising costs on their local communities.  Our work included senior leadership team alignment on business strategy and role clarity, project selection and chartering, delivering the full suite of lean, six sigma, and accelerating change training, and conducting train-the-trainer certification to ensure internal capability.

We also helped design and deliver a Leadership Development program for the top 2500 executives at a well-known pharmaceutical company, conducted a values assessment for a healthcare system’s national offices, and created a “Change Management for Six Sigma” training for a Fortune 50 company’s medical learning center.  Also in our scope of work was the design and facilitation of a Future Search session for a Start Up during which the client created the Vision, Values, and Behaviors for their entrepreneurial venture.



Our work in this sector spans a broad array of clients and types of consulting services.  We’ve assisted with the strategic transformation of the HR function in several organizations, shifting from a more transactional focus on HR operations to one where HR functions as a strategic business partner on an array of issues. 

We used our background in helping GE Crotonville develop and deploy WorkOut™ and CAP™ to create change management and process improvement efforts for one of the big three automotive manufacturers and a company known for their R&D and innovative product line.  We also helped an automotive supplier climb out of bankruptcy through a Six Sigma/Accelerating Change transformation, and created a leadership development framework for a chemicals company they used to reinvent their talent management process.


Education, Government, Not for Profit

Destra has a long history of working with local organizations in Boulder and the surrounding area - it’s how we give back to the community. Our work includes local government, school systems, aid for the homeless, and affordable housing.

We’ve done hands-on project help, facilitation of strategic planning sessions for boards and staff, process improvement work, and team building.  We used the Benchmarks 360 assessment in some leadership development work we did with the administrative teams for several Denver Public Schools.  We’ve also helped two local county governments with their ERP implementation efforts by training key deployment staff in Facilitation and Accelerating Change and Transitions™.

Our non-profit work reflects the trend towards increased use of lean and process improvement methods by local and state governments to reduce costs and improve efficiency while faced with shrinking revenues and other resource constraints.


Client quote - "Destra's style was such that we always felt that they were part of us, that we were one team."


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