Business Transformation Through Lean & Six Sigma

You can purchase Lean and Six Sigma materials from many qualified providers.  But as many companies discover materials and training alone don’t always result in a Lean Six Sigma effort that delivers the desired results.

Destra’s comprehensive approach to operational excellence though Lean and/or Six Sigma provide you with:

  • Consulting on the overall deployment effort to ensure a tight link to your business strategic objectives
  • Alignment of senior executives on the deployment plan, expectations, roles and behaviors
  • Design of the implementation strategy and plan, including:

     - Pre-launch preparation
     - Development of the organizational acceptance strategy
     - Creation of the dynamic communication plan

In addition:

Our materials are designed and delivered by seasoned professionals with technical skills, a background in adult learning and vast experience working with improvement project teams.  Our training is applied to actual improvement projects to allow you to get “runs on the board” quickly.

Therefore, rather than being lean and six sigma “installers” we ensure these concepts and tools are implemented in a way that promotes long-term commitment and allows you to transform the way you do business.

What are Lean and Six Sigma?

Image for Lean Six SigmaBoth are a set of concepts and tools that can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes.

Lean is a methodology for creating a smooth flow of value-creating, waste-free activities that meet customer requirements.  This is accomplished by eliminating the bottlenecks and non value-added activities that often clutter organizational processes.

Six Sigma is a rigorous, data-driven method of understanding and satisfying customer requirements.  Six sigma is a statistical measure means operating with only 3.4 defects per million opportunities for the defect to occur.

At Destra, we have found that the optimal offering for our clients often involves a mix of these two approaches to operational excellence. Used together these methodologies can respond to almost any improvement challenge.

Not just a toolkit
Lean and Six Sigma are also business philosophies.  You may have heard companies refer to themselves as “lean” or as a “six sigma” organization.  The guiding principle here is that these methodologies are viewed not simply as toolkits, but as means to realize strategic imperatives to improve customer satisfaction, reduce waste and defects, and transform the business.

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