Client Testimonials

Destra has worked with more than 125 businesses across many industries. Following are testimonials from a select group of clients.


    Chief Executive Officer  - “Destra brought many of the conceptual and mechanical aspects you would expect from a partner in this type of engagement. What made Destra different is that they helped us work through issues to resolution, offered continuing feedback on the status of our improvement journey, helped us to stay motivated and enthusiastic, and expanded our internal capabilities by transferring their knowledge and methodologies well.

    Chief Financial Officer -  “Destra’s style was such that we always felt that they were part of us, that we were one team. Additionally, the quality of their people was invaluable—they always gave us good advice on how to implement [the change] methodically, helped us translate complex topics into ones easy to understand, and brought lessons from other companies to make our efforts even more successful."

    Group Managing Director  - "Destra was an outstanding choice because of their values, culture, experience, and the quality of leaders involved.  They maintained our trust throughout the engagement. Destra stayed true to project’s purpose and objectives, gave honest feedback on the challenges and offered perspectives on how to handle them based on lessons from other companies.  Throughout the assignment they focused first on what was in our interest, rather than their own. Additionally, they had the passion to help us win."

     Financial Controller -  “Destra always had our success as their goal. They were attuned to what was important to us and were willing to be flexible to tailor the program to meet our requirements. They challenged us to think forward all of the time. They brought exceptional people to the table. Their training was well executed, very professional, and well structured. And they had the scope, resources and expertise required for the scale of implementation required. We have had a very effective partnership."  

    Director of Productivity -  “Destra has been a flexible, good and equal partner. They have taken us from knowing nothing about Six Sigma to the results we now see, and we couldn't have done it without them."

    Chief Operating Officer   - “We chose to work with Destra because, as an OD consulting firm, Destra stands apart by creating practical solutions that help me, a leader, drive a business result, rather than just providing our company with training. We had a serious problem with our ability to execute, and Destra helped us to create superior change management and facilitative leadership in our execution strategies. The most important aspect of the engagement was the way Destra partnered with us to set clear expectations – the success of the project was largely due to the fact that we were given a clear understanding and validation of the work required."


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