ZapQuote™ is a service-oriented simulation that closely replicates a “live” process improvement event. In this one-day session, participants become fictional members of a life insurance company seeking to dramatically improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction.  What is great about ZapQuote™ is that:                                                                                       

Everyone Can Relate To It:  Our simulation is inspired by actual events that create immediate connection to real-life work situations.

It Emphasizes the Solution and the People:  ZapQuote™ allows participants to make breakthrough process improvements and understand the need to have all organizational levels engaged in implementing the solution.

It Provides a Common Experience for All Levels:  ZapQuote™ provides an engaging common experience that gives a “jump start” to lean enterprise initiatives.

It’s Powerful!  Participation in this event illustrates the impact of breakthrough improvements and that they ARE possible with any process, environment, or industry.

Outcomes: Participants will leave a ZapQuote™ simulation with:

  • An understanding of the overall DMAIC framework
  • The ability to apply essential Lean tools including Customer Requirements, Eight Wastes, Value Stream Mapping, Identifying Value and Non-Value Added Activities, the importance of “flow”, and Data Display tools (Pareto Charts and Histograms)
  • Experience in how to use data to target areas of improvement
  • The knowledge that they CAN achieve dramatic results


Target Audience:  ZapQuote™ can be utilized at all organizational levels, including senior executives, managers, practitioners, and support staff.

Group Size: ZapQuote™ is a one-day event and can be conducted with groups ranging in size from 12 – 30 participants.